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CEO & Secretary

The Nehru Group of Institutions enable our students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career. All our efforts are aimed to make sure that we show them the right path and give that final push for students and faculty to achieve their true destiny.

Everything in this day and age is interconnected, and education is no exception. We at Nehru Group of Institutions always have focused on equipping our students with vital skill sets so as to compete effectively in today’s global market.

Keeping this in mind, we work at improving awareness on courses, practicals, internship programs, communication and overall development of the student, . We also provide ample support for the above, thereby, delivering greater opportunities for students to get better jobs in institutions and organisations alike.

We believe we are only doing our humble bit to help shape up young, deep thinking leaders of tomorrow. With the inception of new, advanced technology on par with world class standard, we are working hard toward turning our institution into a renowned, top-tier quality global village. Our efforts are to reach students with economically backward background and turn them into the most sought after, world class entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Our support is with you always, and I wish you all the success in every endeavour you take up for the growth and development of the students and faculty of Nehru Group of Institutions.